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What To Put Around A Soakwell To Manage Stormwater Runoff Effectively

A soakwell is an effective and environmentally-friendly solution to manage stormwater runoff. It’s an underground water storage tank that collects rainwater and allows it to percolate slowly into the ground, replenishing the groundwater supply. 

However, installing a soakwell is not enough to prevent erosion, flooding, and other water-related issues. It would be best to consider what to put around the soakwell to ensure it functions properly and lasts a long time. Here are some options to consider:

Gravel or crushed stone: Placing a gravel or crushed stone around the soakwell can improve drainage and prevent soil from clogging the perforations. It also helps evenly distribute the soil’s weight above the soakwell.

Geotextile fabric: This porous fabric can be placed over the soakwell to prevent soil from entering and clogging the perforations. It allows water to pass through while keeping the soil out.

Vegetation: Planting grass, shrubs, or other vegetation around the soakwell can help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. It also helps to absorb excess water and reduces the amount of runoff.

Mulch: Using a layer of mulch around the soakwell can help retain moisture and prevent erosion. It also improves the soil’s ability to absorb water.

Pavers: Installing pavers around the soakwell can provide a stable surface for walking or driving and prevent soil compaction. It also allows water to permeate into the soil between the pavers.

Choosing the right materials around a soakwell ensures its effectiveness and longevity. Consider factors such as drainage, erosion, and soil stabilization when deciding. With the proper setup, your soakwell can provide a sustainable solution for managing stormwater runoff for many years.

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