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What Does An Excavation Company Do?

Excavation is more than just digging holes. Excavation is an important phase in construction projects. An excavation company works to create a solid foundation for the project and provide a firm surface for the surrounding property.

What does an excavation company do?

Excavation prepares the land for construction. The work can include grading land, levelling, trenching, drilling, and digging holes. These prepare the ground for building foundations, basements, roadways, driveways and sidewalks, sewer systems, pipes, drainage, landscaping, and swimming pools. The procedure of excavation includes:

Land preparation. Before any excavation begins, a professional excavation company will cooperate with other experts in permit services, utility companies and land surveyors to prepare for the work. Then, land clearing follows to clear any obstacles, such as trees, logs, boulders, and brush, and mark the area with stakes.

Site excavating. The soil will go through the process of grading and smoothing and demolition of any pre-existing structures that are in the way. Then dirt and debris are hauled away. Site work is critical in stabilising the area for the construction project and managing the troubles of erosion or damage due to drainage. 

Trenching. The excavation company will dig the trenches required for foundation footings, utility lines, sewage and drainage pipes, and water pipes. Other work may require cutting and filling, hauling soil from a high area to fill a lower area.

The excavation company will also handle the necessary acquisition of needed permits and manage the project work. That includes planning for drainage, demolition and removal services, trucking, and material delivery.

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