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What Does An Earth Work Contractor Do?

In construction, earth work is a critical task and is more than hauling dirt around. The job includes site preparation, grading, trenching, and other soil-related tasks. Also, they operate some enormous pieces of heavy equipment.

Site Preparation

The earth work contractor shows up in a typical residential construction project after the surveying crew determines the house and lot borders. The contractor clears the soil to the depth required for the new foundation and ensures that the ground is suitable. Compaction tests and compaction with equipment may be necessary to ensure firm soil.

The dig requirements are detailed for the excavating contractors to use a level and transit to correspond to the grade posted by the surveying team. After pouring the footers and stem wall, the excavation contractor backfills around the new foundation. Excavation work is typical in residential and commercial construction.

What Does An Earth Work Contractor Do?

Contractors and Subcontractors

What are contractors and subcontractors? Excavation contractors are business owners and are considered subcontractors because their job is often just one part of a larger project. A homeowner can use the services of an excavation company for a personal project, such as excavating for a swimming pool. Here the excavation contractor will not manage the entire project. 

Excavation contractors often operate under the supervision of general contractors, who solicit bids, coordinate subcontractor timelines and pay the excavation contractor after completing his part of the project.

If the project involves moving dirt around, then an excavation contractor is likely the guy to do it. Depending on the equipment the contractor owns or leases, he can get the excavation done right.

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