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Types Of Foundation and How They Affect Excavation

The excavation begins after the drawings and plan get approved. The approved plan and drawings will show the points of excavation. The depth of excavation will depend on several factors, like the type of foundation and if there will be a crawl space or a basement. It will most likely need to be placed on cement footers with whichever foundation. The type of foundation will define the depth of the footers.

Here’s a quick look at the few types of foundation and how they affect excavation and footer depth.

Slab. It is the most basic type of foundation. When building with a slab foundation, you will have a wide range of options and variables. Ensure the slab foundation will stand up to the local environment, like meeting frost mitigation conditions. Provisions like this could drive the cost up to the point where it makes more sense for you to build on a basement or crawlspace.

Crawl space. It has become one of the more popular choices recently. Your crawl space will require at least 30 inches of excavation to protect the foundation from frost. 36 to 40 inches is generally the minimum requirement if you’re building in the mountains. If you’re building a home, crawl spaces are often thought to add substantial cost savings.

It isn’t the case because the bulk of the excavation cost is getting the equipment out to the site and started and then hauling away everything. If you have to dig an additional 4 to 6 feet, it won’t impact the overall cost.

Basement. The basement is the most popular type of foundation as it provides an excellent foundation system with the added benefit of extra storage space. There are three main basements, including full basements, garden levels, and walkouts. It may cost more to excavate a full basement than the other types of foundations, but when you weigh the cost against the other options, the basement gives homeowners the best bang for the buck.

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