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Tiro Earthworks – Do You need Consent For Earthworks?

Earthwork is one of the major elements of building construction. If you have an incoming construction project, make sure you have a precise system for erosion and sediment control, have the right permissions and meet relevant conditions that protect you, your property and the environment.

Tiro Earthworks – Do You need Consent For Earthworks?

What are earthworks?

Earthworks can be classified as any activity that displaces the soil or land. It also involves activities that may entail erosion and sediment controls. Tiro earthworks include trenching, major site excavation and cut to fill projects, roading and tracking, quarries and vegetation removal.

Why the job should be done right?

Proper precautions must be taken. Otherwise, the earthwork job can make the land unstable and discharge excessive volumes of sediment into our wetlands, waterways and coastal areas. This consequently put you and the property at risk and damage water quality as well as the delicate environment and its living animals. The damage and interruption to lifecycles often have serious long-term effects.

Do you need consent for earthworks?

If the project takes place in a steeper land, the closer it is to water so the risk can be greater. You may need consent when the work is on slopes with more than 25 degrees, within 100 metres of water or on a larger scale.

Normally, there is a need to get consent if you are planning larger-scale works in high-risk erosion areas, which include land:

  • on slopes 25 degrees or steeper (anywhere)
  • in coastal areas where loose sand sits within 10 centimetres of the ground surface
  • within 10 metres of a riverbank, stream, lake or wetland (or within 100 metres if the slope to the water is greater than 15 degrees)
  • within 50 metres of the sea or an estuary.

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