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The Work Of Earthworks Excavation

Earthworks mean engineering work related to large construction projects. They involve the processing of large quantities of soil, digging the ground or levelling the earth surface. A wide range of industries use earthworks – here are the process of doing earthworks:

  • The stripping of soil is done to remove the vegetative soil which is usually on the topsoil. Ground surface rich of vegetative should be removed as such type of ground would be unstable for construction. It is not suitable for making the foundation of the building thus soil stripping is necessitated.
  • Excavation is done for the foundation. This equipment-heavy job of removing the earth from the allocated area is needed to make room for the foundation. Also, it is done to make a more stable ground suitable for the foundation.
  • Land levelling is needed on uneven, sloping ground. This is the process of filling or cutting the ground to make it even.
  • Land forming and scaping involve forming different shapes and forms with the use of soil or a combination of different structures like revetment walls. This excavation work is done by filing or forming the land, which can be done either by hand or by machine depending on the severity of the work.
  • Manual earthworks involve a group of unskilled workers, supervised by a skilled labourer. He can be a land surveyor, a foreman or a construction engineer. The common tools used by workers include shovels, spades and picks to dig on the ground. In the case of mechanical earthworks, the project involves the use of machine earthmovers like compressors, bulldozers, mechanical hoes, and the likes. Blasting can also be done for hard ground. Tipper trucks move the soil from one place to another place of the worksite.

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