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Tasks Involved In Site Clearing

Before any new construction begins the building site needs preparation. Existing structures will have to be demolished. Here are some of the tasks involved in site clearing


Tasks Involved In Site Clearing

A demolition job is needed to remove structures to clear the building site. However, before it starts services such as gas, electricity and water need to be disconnected. Also, storm water and drainage should be sealed and the area fenced for safety. Special safety requirements are observed if the building contains asbestos. After the demolition job, the site requires earthmoving to fill or remove uneven areas.

Protecting trees

The building site may have mature trees, which the local councils may favour tree preservation. The site clearing contractor will also consider these trees during construction, if necessary, having them fenced for their protection.

Put up services

After the demolition job and the site clearing, essential services need to be established. Setting up services include water, electricity, stormwater, sewerage and if needed, gas. Also, toilet facilities have to be set up before construction starts.

Fencing, signs and safety

The site has to fenced until construction is finished. There should be safety signs placed in the worksite to meet safety requirements and for the safety of everyone on site. Site briefing helps workers and trades in the worksite understand any hazards and risks. The entry and exit areas must be marked for safe site access and traffic.

Debris control

The contractor will set up a boundary and drain protection, stockpile containment and stormwater management. Dust control methods and measures keep harmful dust to a minimum at job sites.

Set up site office

Larger construction sites will need to set up a place for office work. The site office will be used for administrative, communication and security. Also, a makeshift structure may be needed to protect certain equipment and supplies.

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