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Stormwater Installation Perth – Why Is Storm Drainage System Important?

Heavy rainfall events can easily cause flooding if the drain system is poorly managed. A storm drainage system is important in a city for the safety of the population. Poorly managed stormwater is a threat to property and the environment.

Drains help redirect excess water running from buildings and hard surfaces and into the town stormwater system. For land subdividing projects, working with an experienced contractor in stormwater installation Perth is crucial in the development. In some areas, landowners are responsible for overseeing storm drain systems on their properties. The local government or councils manage the projects to handle storm and sewer drains on public land.

There are reasons why drainage for stormwater is important.

  • It reduces the risk of flooding
  • It protects water quality
  • It works to minimise the spread of contaminants and debris
  • It prevents or lessens damage to properties and the environment
  • It prevents stream and soil erosion
  • It keeps rivers, beaches and lakes safe
Stormwater Installation Perth – Why Is Storm Drainage System Important?

Stormwater outpouring is ordinarily absorbed by plants and soils. However, hard surfaces like roads, driveways and parking lots can prevent this runoff from properly soaking into the land. As excess water flows, it can cause problems for people and the environment. High levels of rainfall can also cause flooding, structural damage and erosion. This excess water accumulates and transports soil, grease, oil, pesticides, litter, fertilizer, sediment and other vile pollutant traps. It eventually goes into a lake or river that supplies our drinking water. 

In the event of extreme weather, stormwater and sewer management on private and public land plays an important part and that is why you need to consult with an experienced stormwater services specialist where needed.

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