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Stormwater Drainage Perth – How Stormwater Drainage System Works

Stormwater Drainage Perth

Rainfall builds up stormwater. When the ground does not absorb stormwater due to impermeable pavement or hard surface, it spills over to the road or hard surface, then collected by the underground drainage system called stormwater drainage system.

What is a stormwater drainage system?

It’s a waterway and underground pipes that carry rainwater (stormwater) to ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. The network consists of both public and private systems.

Civil drainage is intended to collect rainfall runoff from across the city and release it slowly to the downstream river or natural water basins. Stormwater drainage systems often collaborate with the environment, channelling and discharging stormwater through natural features such as lakes, ditches, ponds, streams, and the like.

Formation of rainwater from roads, parking bays, rooftops, pathways, and driveways rushes into stormwater drains. In urban areas, stormwater drains out to the smaller pipes that connect to larger stormwater pipes, which finally connect to oversize drains or tubes that carry the water to the outfall points such as streams, creeks, rivers, and the ocean.

The storm system works differently from the sewage system and caters to rainwater and groundwater. It serves to prevent flooding by reducing surface water. The storm sewer system drains surface water directly to the nearest outfall, such as a stream, pond, or river that links to the drainage system you usually see on the roads, footways, and parking bays. Stormwater usually is not highly contaminated. It needs a relatively simpler treatment process before releasing to the exit points such as streams, lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

Call the professionals in stormwater drainage Perth to help you with blocked drains. They can also help in clearing and relining stormwater or sewer drainage.

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