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Soakwells: Preserving Living Spaces Against Flooding and Erosion

Soakwells are underground tanks designed for stormwater management. They are essential in safeguarding our properties against water damage. What are soakwells, and what are their important function in preserving the safety and integrity of our living spaces?

What Are Soakwells?

Soakwells, or stormwater drainage pits or infiltration basins, are underground structures designed to collect and manage rainwater runoff from surfaces such as roofs, driveways, and paved areas. These unassuming containers, typically constructed from concrete or plastic, work tirelessly to manage stormwater, protecting our properties from potential water-related harm.

Soakwells Functions

  1. Collection: Soakwells gather rainwater runoff through a concealed network of pipes and channels. They capture a substantial volume of water and enable it to gradually settle into the ground, ultimately replenishing the underground water table. 
  2. Storage: The collected water is safely stored within the soakwell, preventing it from accumulating on the surface. The size and capacity of the soakwell are meticulously calculated based on expected runoff volumes and local regulations.
  3. Infiltration: The natural marvel happens beneath the ground. Soakwells are designed with porous walls and bottoms that allow the stored water to percolate into the surrounding soil gradually. This method recharges groundwater and averts the accumulation of surface water.
  4. Discharge: Some soakwells can release excess water into stormwater drains or suitable outlets when the soil nears its absorption capacity, ensuring effective water management.

Why Are Soakwells Indispensable?

Soakwells play a pivotal role for several compelling reasons:

  • Flood Mitigation: By redirecting and diffusing rainwater, soakwells thwart flooding and shield homes from water-induced damage.
  • Groundwater Replenishment: They substantially contribute to groundwater recharge, supporting ecosystems and preserving water resources.
  • Erosion Prevention: Soakwells keep soil erosion in check, ensuring the stability of landscapes and structures.
  • Water Conservation: By nurturing plant life with stored water, soakwells promote responsible water usage and conservation.

The significance of soakwells Perth WA is undeniable. These unassuming structures help prevent water damage to the surrounding environment by collecting rainwater through stormwater piping and allowing it to seep slowly into the adjacent soil, protecting homes and the environment against flooding and erosion. 

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