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Soakwell Perth – Common Myths About Soakwell Installation

A soakwells is basically a form of underground tank designed to prevent water damage related to flooding. This well often remains covered and seeps the flood water into the local groundwater level.

Soakwells are commonly found in properties prone to water damage or heavy rainfall. They can be a beneficial addition to your home. However, people have many misconceptions about them, and here we talk about these myths.

The most common myth is that polypropylene soakwells can be insufficient. The truth is that the capacity of polypropylene soakwells is 50% better than the conventional options of the same size. Polypropylene is a reliable material that can be used for manufacturing soakwell with indefinite size, which reflects that it can dispose of over 20,000,000 litres of water.

Others believe these wells might collapse due to the high pressure exerted on them. It is false because the material used for this system is tested to withstand high traffic. The structure can hold even when 20 tons or more pressure is applied to them directly. This value is further increased for concrete-based soakwells

Also, many people think one soakwell per downpipe will not be sufficient. It is a misconception because even when your property does not have any drainage pipe system, implementing any stormwater measure can be beneficial, regardless of the volume, size or material. In addition, the efficiency of one soakwell per downpipe depends upon the well’s size and the volume of water that might flow across it. A golden rule in soakwell Perth is using one single 130 litres soakwell in 10sqm installed till depth of the sandy soil.

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