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Site Works Perth – Stages of Construction

Residential and commercial constructions begin with designing and planning. The engineering staff prepare plans for the project based on the blueprints of the investor. When a buyer gets a lot in the subdivision then starts a building plan for the construction.

The site work contractor presents estimates for the investors to settle the budget of the project before any construction begins for open house purposes or real estate viewing for potential buyers. Then the designs are submitted to the local government to get building permits for the project.

Site Works Perth – Stages of Construction

Once building permits are secured, the contractor may commence the site works Perth. The initial groundwork includes any necessary grading for forming an even level foundation needed to start new home construction. The process requires massive earthmoving or cut and fill as needed and placing of the underground pipe system.

After the earthmoving task is completed, framing the houses using steel or wood studs follows. The developers construct walls, roof framing, and floors, which also include the installation of windows and exterior doors. Once the house has been built, the roof is created to make the structure watertight. Then brick or exterior siding are installed for the house to make a finished look.

Then comes electrical and mechanical work. At this stage, they will run the plumbing pipes and wiring throughout the structure. The heating and cooling systems are fitted and tested, interior doors are placed, then the drywall is fixed. Then they ready the fixtures and hardware, and the walls get painted.

This ends the new home construction and is ready for the local authority inspection to ensure the constructed structure meets safety and local building codes. Finally, an occupancy permit is secured for the owner to move in.

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