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Popular Mining and Civil Earthmoving Equipment

In a hard earthmoving task such as mining and moving a huge amount of earth, rubble and grit special machinery is needed to get the job done efficiently and effectively. There are different types of machinery available for mining and civil earthmoving projects, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular earthmoving equipment and their benefits.

Popular Mining and Civil Earthmoving Equipment

Excavators. These are popular earthmoving vehicles are commonly used on construction sites and in landscaping projects. Excavators feature a large adjustable arm, bucket, rotating cab, and mobile tracks. Its arm can pick up and move soil and rocks. This equipment is available in different sizes, depending on how extensive the project is that need to work on. 

Bulldozer. Also known as a track dozer, common earthmoving machinery used on construction sites. The bulldozer is a type of earthmoving machine equipped with a large metal plate or blade. The powerful machine can push large quantities of rubble, earth and sand. A bulldozer has a claw device that can rip apart compacted materials. 

Articulated Trucks. They are notably versatile, moving a wide spectrum of material in a variety of applications and terrain. This huge construction equipment has pivoting joints for easier maneuverability. A large basin is attached to the back of the truck to easily dump soil, rubble and earth. At the front of the vehicle is a cab where the driver operates.

Graders. Also known as a maintainer, comes with a long blade controlled by the driver. The powerful blade can flatten, filter and set the earth. These machines can prepare the surface quickly and efficiently which makes them useful in paths and roads construction and flattening land for foundation laying.

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