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Perth Land Clearance Services – Different Land Clearing Equipment

Land clearance operation is necessary for commercial and residential property construction. Land with large trees, shrubs, and undergrowth are cleared to prepare for construction. It eliminates the trees, bushes, shrubs, undergrowth and stumps to make the land suitable for gardening or building. 

While minor land clearing tasks are doable, major Perth land clearance services require professionals. Here is some land clearing equipment you should know about: 

Hand tools. These tools come in handy when people want to clear their land by themselves. Often, they use garden or lawn work tools. These hand tools for clearing land include loppers, pruners, hand saws, shovels, pickaxes, rakes and hoes. Each tool has a specific use, so it is crucial to choose the right one before doing the land-clearing job.

Mowers. These machines can clear a large area of land covered with undergrowth. Self-propelled models are suitable for walkable areas, and a tow-behind model or brush hog does good in extensive areas. These machines are good at clearing saplings, tough weeds and grasses. These machines are powerful and make the job a lot easier.

Grubber. For grass removal and removing a small section of bushes or a few saplings, this is the ideal equipment. It is as powerful as the mower but more powerful than the lawnmower and chainsaw. The grubber has spikes that can bore into a tree with a chain attached to the other end. 

Bulldozer. For a more extensive land clearance operation, heavy equipment is handy. Professionals operate these earthmoving machines. The bulldozer is one of the most common equipments used for land clearing. Many attachments can be attached to this machine to do the job efficiently. The attachments can be a root plough to remove shrubs and bushes and a heavy-duty rake to remove small trees, rocks and stumps.

Excavator. Another type of equipment usually used for land clearing is the excavator. These machines are generally used in larger earthmoving projects. Grapples, stump pullers and heavy-duty rakes are the attachments these machines operate.

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