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Perth Earthworks – Stages of Tree Root Intrusion Into The Sewer Line

Tree root intrusion is a common problem for sewer lines. The sewer lines are a source for that limitless supply of wastewater that tree roots need to grow. Roots penetrate through any connections or gaps in between pipes. 

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The problem begins when the roots multiply and expand, and this may eventually lead to structural damage to the pipe and eventual rupture. There are stages of intrusion into the sewer line. 

Stage 1

The early intrusion of roots starts when it finds a way into a joint in the sewer line. The moisture attracts the roots and begins to grow into the sewer line. At this stage, any issue with the line is hard to find out.

Stage 2

The advanced stage, the intrusion of tree roots in sewer lines begins to multiply and grow thicker. Solid waste can get caught up in the root ball and clog the line leading to backups and clogs. Such progressing clog in the sewer lines is something that cannot be cleared by mechanical rooters. It will need advanced clog removal technology or a permanent repair solution.

Stage 3

At this stage, the tree roots reach the point of weakening or damaging the pipeline integrity. Once it progressed to structural failure, the only option to fix the line back to its serviceable condition is through a permanent repair solution.

You do not want to get your line running again with just a temporary fix. Call an expert in Perth earthworks to get roots out of your lines. 

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