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Perth Earth Works – Excavation Methods Used Today

Before construction work begins, excavation of the area is most likely to happen. It is an important process in any construction project. New construction cannot start without excavating the ground first. 

Different earthmoving methods are used today. Here are common excavation methods Perth earth works companies do: 

Perth Earth Works – Excavation Methods Used Today

Horizontal Excavation. This method is used for excavation job that involves shallow sites with light or no residential or commercial structures around. The excavator plough strips along the surface of the site horizontally to expose any objects lying near the surface. The excavator does a layer by layer excavation until the foundations of the site are uncovered.

Vertical Excavation. This process is the most common method used by contractors particularly for large construction areas, urban sites with multiple residential or commercial buildings around. Each layer of the excavation site is exposed as soil or rock layer can be clearly seen.

Hybrid Excavation. This process involves both horizontal and vertical excavation, which in some cases used. However, hybrid excavation is implemented only when the need is great with the digging going deeper into the earth.

Cofferdams. This is usually employed for waterlogged sites. It is a temporary structure that is constructed to keep the water away from the execution site, which allows a work area to be dewatered so that workers can pour concrete, excavate, repair, weld, and so on.

Step Trenching. This method is used for deep excavations. Digging is done in form of steps, it gets narrow as the excavation gets deeper and deeper. This way it maintains the solidity of the trench walls and reduces the risk of soil breakdown.

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