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Land Clearing South Perth – The Effects Of Land Clearing On Green Living

Urbanization has lead to clearing lands for economic development in large cities. While the development may be beneficial, land clearing has some negative impacts on green living.

Land Clearing South Perth – The Effects Of Land Clearing On Green Living

Economic Improvement. When lands are cleared for economic development such as commercial properties or large housing projects, it may result in soil erosion. The clearing of natural vegetation, which helps prevent the wind and rains from washing away the soils, will leave the ground in a more delicate state.

Loss of Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide is necessary for the growth of plants and foliage and as plants and foliage grow they produce oxygen. Land clearing removes plants and trees that produce the world’s source of air we breathe.

Increased Waste in Landfills. Urbanization affects our natural surroundings. With the construction of large housing projects, the amount of waste that has to be disposed of in landfills also increases. Removing waste by composting will also decrease, which is the earth-friendly way to dispose of waste.

Increased energy consumption of fossil fuels. The need for transportation energy such as gasoline will continue to grow as more people transfer to the cleared land around the major population centres. They still need the foods and other essential products that they made or grew for themselves when they lived in a more rural area.

Land clearing South Perth for urbanization purposes has a damaging effect on the environment. It is just we do not know yet how much it will harm the planet or when it will become at a disastrous level.

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