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Land Clearing Service Perth – Common Methods of Land Clearing

Clearing underdeveloped land needs clearing when the time comes to use the property. Removing weeds, brush, and vegetation can be a laborious task, and not to mention the removal of unwanted trees. The job becomes a laborious process that may require earthmoving services to do the removal quickly and efficiently. 

Land Clearing Service Perth – Common Methods of Land Clearing

For land clearance operations, you can find good land clearing service Perth. Here are the most common methods used for land clearing.

Cut and grind land clearing. All trees on the land are cut down and transferred to a processing location. The tree removal will leave stumps in the ground where they can later be removed or grounded into mulching material.

Pushover land clearing. This method of land clearing includes utilising earthmoving equipment to push the trees over with the roots intact. The uprooted trees will be transported to a location and processed for mulching material or sale. 

Bulldozers are serviceable for large growths such as trees, brush, and tall vegetation. While this method is often used, it can damage the top layer of soil as the heavy equipment strips the plants and trees from the ground and moves them into a huge pile to be dealt with later by burning or burying.

Controlled burn. This method uses fire to clear the land. It requires expertise as it is one of the most dangerous land clearing methods. The technique involves starting and maintaining a regulated fire. When all the brush and trees are burned down, the fire is extinguished. Then construction equipment like a bulldozer is used to clear the land.

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