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How Do Engineers Determine Preliminary Selection Of The Foundation?

A solid foundation is essential to any building. The structural foundation is one of the crucial sections that need to be done before construction. There are different types of foundations; raft, footing and piling foundation. The soil condition is inspected before the building construction. The process is called soil investigation, and the SI report defines the foundation type.

Typically, the consulting engineer needs to provide RC drawings for the client. The client requires it for quantities purposes. Soil investigation occurs later, like after the completion of earthworks.

There are types of foundations—the priority order of selecting types of foundations in descending order.

  1. Isolated/spread footing
  2. Combined footing
  3. Mat/Raft foundation
  4. Deep foundation (pile)

How does an engineer determine the preliminary type of foundation?

The earthworks drawings will be the basis for the preliminary selection of the foundation. They will look at the cut and fill the area in earthworks drawings, where the cut area will take as pad foundation and the fill area will take as pile foundation. A fill area of less than 1.2m can be used as a footing foundation because footing needs a certain depth for construction.

Another way of determining the foundation is by on-site excavation. The engineer will go to the site to see the ground condition and how the excavator excavates the earth. If the excavator can easily move the soil and the soil is loose at the vertical sides of the excavation hole, then the ground is manageable. The engineer can recommend that the ground be used as a pile foundation or recommend the pad foundation.

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