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Helpful Tips For New Home Excavation

Your dream home starts with excavation work. You will want to hire expert excavation contractors to get the job done right. Here are some insider tips on the excavation of new homes.

Survey the construction site

It is important to survey the home’s construction site and surrounding property. You must have the correct plans to set proper excavation plans for your home’s lot. Survey the sire to see the right angle, as slopes on the land may cause serious excavation problems. You don’t want to redo work because the excavated land isn’t as level as you thought it would be.

Test soil stability

A variety of minerals in the soil may affect the foundation’s stability of your home in the long run. Better test the soil of your potential new home to ensure that unstable minerals are not present that may cause problems in the future. 

Have all utilities marked

Ensure that all utilities are marked before you excavate so you don’t damage anything. While some new home DIY builders think there are no lines to disrupt, this is not always the case, and you should be sure to contact the proper authorities to ensure you comply with the law.

Check the water table height

You may want to use maps that give a general idea of the water table height and areas that may be susceptible to shallow groundwater pooling.

Suppose you find that you are building in an area with a high enough water table to interfere with your excavation. In that case, you will need to install a temporary pump and excavate a trench to lead the water away from your excavation site. It can be a complicated task for DIY excavators.

Supply the right equipment

Use the right tools for a new home excavation job. It is a false economy, as it can lead to the work taking much longer and can be more dangerous. Fully licensed and insured excavation contractors supply top-of-the-line equipment, so every excavation job stays on schedule.

Use all safety precautions

It is vital to employ safety precautions as the job can be dangerous, as unsafe excavation sites invite disasters such as cave-ins, foundation collapse, people or pets falling and equipment damage. Employing safety precautions help avoid many of the catastrophes which plague excavation sites.

The best advice when excavating your new home is to work with an expert excavation contractor to get the job done right. You can find experienced, licensed, and insured contractors for the job. Search online and use the search term residential excavation near me, and you will find a list of contractors for you to choose from. 

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