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Hazards Of Excavation Residential and Commercial

Excavation is common in refineries, underground facilities, modifications, or new construction. Excavation residential and commercial will remove the top layer of the ground to prepare the site for construction.

Hazards Of Excavation Residential and Commercial

However, the job can be dangerous and may result in serious injury, accident, or property damage. It is imperative to adopt safety measures to ensure the safety of workers and facilities. Here are the hazards of excavation.

  • Earthwork may collapse when shoring is poor or weak.
  • A worker may fall into excavation when there is a lack of barriers, poor fencing, and inadequate warning signs & illumination.  
  • Overloading of soil thrown on the sides may cause walls to collapse.  
  • Water leakage may cause drowning or collapse of walls. Also, failure to support shoring, particularly after rain storm may breach the walls. 
  • Exhaust gases from running engines in the bottom of the excavation release CO & CO2 into the air. The lack of ventilation may endanger workers of asphyxiation and intoxication.
  • Toxic or flammable gases or liquids coming from leaking pipelines, buried hazardous elements raise the risk to workers.
  • Workers not provided with or not employing proper equipment for the job.
  • Excavation workers get struck by soil or materials falling into the excavation.  
  • Unsafe access into or out of the excavation may lead to falls.
  • Heavy equipment operating too close to the edge may cause the edge to collapse.  
  • Lack of warning signs or no stop blocks, or driving mistakes that drive machines into the excavation. Also, vibrations due to machinery and heavy vehicles nearby may cause collapse.
  • Striking of utility services like electricity, communication cables, gas, and utility pipes.

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