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Excavation Works – Stages In The Build Process

It’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the build stages. It gives you a clear picture of what will happen at each phase of the construction. The following explains the build stages and what to expect in each stage of the construction.

Excavation Works – Stages In The Build Process

Base Stage. The site is cleared for the slab and the foundations to be laid. This will require massive excavation works to get the site ready for initial construction. It includes plumbing pipework beneath the slab. Once the slab is cut and concrete poured, then comes the drying period.

Frame Stages. The next phase is the completion of the frame. The house starts to take shape using materials such as timber, SIPS panels (structured insulated panel systems), or steel. Critical for frame stage are any niches that you may be having that need to be framed out, for example, a recessed vanity mirror or a shower niche. Any built-in pelmets that you want for your blinds and curtains need to be framed out too, and anything that affects the frame or structure needs to be built at this time.

Lockup Stage. In this phase, many fixtures and finishes are finalized to create a livable home. It is when all the windows and the doors are installed to minimize theft and damage to valuable items. For safety and insurance purposes, clients are not granted unsupervised access to the house until handover. It is also at this phase where the essential lines for any cabling for the electrics, pipelines including your gas connection, heating ducts, and cooling is all placed.

Fixing Stage. It is in this phase where all the interior cladding such as plaster, cabinetry, insulation, doors, skirtings, architraves, and waterproofing for wet areas and tiling are all fixed. The fixing stage is really where you see it all coming together and things really take shape.

Completion. The final stage, also known as fit-off, is when work gets completed on light fixtures, light switches, taps, showers, door hardware and locks, and bathroom accessories. It is also in this stage where the painting is completed, the floors are sanded and the carpets are fixed. Then, a final inspection ensues with the builder or the site manager. Then, the property is turned over to the owner. 

Critical for homeowners is having insurance before getting the keys. All responsibility sits with you once you have the keys.

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