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Excavation South Perth – Hazards Associated With Trenching And Excavation

Excavation South Perth

There are hazards associated with excavation and trenching. Records show fatalities in the excavation are 112% higher than the general construction. It is a dangerous job, but you can protect yourself and your team from injury with the proper precautions. 

What are the hazards associated with trenching and excavation South Perth? Be aware of these common hazards:

Cave-ins or collapses can trap workers. One cubic yard of dirt can weigh as much as a vehicle, making cave-ins and trench collapse the biggest risk to excavation workers and the most common trenching mishap reported.

Falling into the trench or excavation. Fall-related injuries occur when workers outside the trench are too close to the trench’s edge, which may injure both the fallen worker and the trench workers below.

Being struck by moving machinery or by falling or flying objects. Struck-by injuries caused by workers struck by moving objects such as equipment or falling debris are a leading cause of nonfatal excavation injuries.

Exposure to hazardous elements. The elements, including heat, moisture, and atmospheric conditions inside the trench, are significant hazards. They are challenging to avoid entirely but prove just as dangerous as other threats. More than one-third of occupational deaths in the United States are related to heat stress alone.

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