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Excavation North West – Impact Of Extreme Temperatures On Excavation

Construction site work or earth moving have a duration that can last at least a few months. Different weather conditions have an impact on excavating and site work projects. So how exactly does weather impact excavating, and what can excavators do to curb the impact it has on your project? Here we talk about the impact of extreme temperatures on excavation projects.

Excavation North West – Impact Of Extreme Temperatures On Excavation

Both very cold and very hot temperatures have an impact on excavating works. Severe cold temperatures and ice can break water pipes and equipment if not fitly protected. In wintertime, sometimes work will be delayed until the snow is removed. While these weather conditions may not stop your project altogether, they may cause delays to the completion of the project.

Also, working in extremely hot or cold conditions poses health risks if workers overlook proper safety precautions. Wrapping up in cold weather can cause discomfort to workers making them feel bulky and awkward. Also, it can slow down the speed at which they work. In an extremely temperate climate, too much physical exertion and not staying hydrated can cause the body not to perform at its highest level. It means workers may have to work at a slower phase to stay safe.

Wintertime can be colder, and summertimes can be hotter, experienced excavating teams can work and adjust to working in extreme temperatures. They execute better planning around these potential delays. They know what to do to minimize weather related project delays. Indeed, while you can’t control the weather, you can control who takes your excavation North West project.

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