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Excavation Company – The Process Of Earth Excavation

Earthwork is an integral part of any construction project. The work requires more than digging a hole and a critical process in construction. The work requires an experienced crew, and an earthwork contractor best handles the job. So what do earthwork companies do?

Their job includes site preparation, grading land, levelling, trenching, drilling, and excavation. The site is prepared for construction and earthworks to prepare the ground for foundations, basements, roads, driveways and sidewalks, sewer lines, pipes, drainage, landscaping, and swimming pools. Earthworks companies do these earth excavation tasks:

Land preparation. The first step in site preparation is site clearing. It is vital to start the construction in levelled soil with no other hindrances. The initial work involves the essential acquisition of permits, coordinating with utility companies and working with land surveyors. After acquiring all the essential documents, the area is cleared of any obstructions such as trees, logs, boulders, and brush, and the site is staked out.

Excavation. This stage of construction creates building foundations, reservoirs and roads. The excavation work includes trenching, digging, dredging and site development. These processes require unique techniques, tools, and machinery to get the job done right. It begins with grading and smoothing the soil, demolishing pre-existing structures and obstructions, and hauling away dirt and debris. The ground is prepared to ensure proper drainage, both on the surface and under the ground. Excavation stabilizes the construction project area, and the concerns of erosion or damage due to drainage are handled.

Trenching services – The contractor digs the trenches required for foundation footings, utility lines, sewage and drainage pipes, and water lines. Further work may require cutting and filling and moving earth from a high area to fill in a lower area.

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