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Excavating & Earthmoving Contractors - What Is Vacuum Truck?

Traditional excavation use manual techniques that poses dangers, time-consuming and costly. One machine that can make a big difference in excavation processes is the dirt vacuum truck. It requires less workforce to operate, does not create an issue in the surrounding, and is also cost-effective than traditional methods. Excavating & earthmoving contractors looking for newer and safe ways to excavate benefit from vacuum trucks.

Excavating & Earthmoving Contractors

What is a vacuum truck?

A vacuum truck, also called a vacuum tanker, is a tank truck that has a pump and a tank. Depending on the method of excavation used (hydro or air excavation), these trucks may have a water pipe. Generally, industrial dirt vacuum trucks load dry waste or slurry. They are utilised in various industries, including chemical and construction. Industrial vacuum trucks are used for excavation and cleaning purposes and get the job done quickly and safely.

Benefits of vacuum trucks

When dirt vacuum trucks are being utilised, less workforce is required, which means low cost and less time-consuming methods. Using dirt vacuum trucks can save you time and money, the most significant disadvantage over traditional methods.

Traditional methods utilise manual digging tools like backhoes, which risked the safety of the workforce and the underlying pipes and utilities. On the other hand, using a dirt vacuum truck ensures the safety of the workers and the underground utilities.

This truck can use hydro or air excavation techniques or combined. It uses high-pressure water or air to excavate the area and suck the debris. Since no conventional equipment is used that could damage the environment and disturb the surrounding areas, it promotes a non-destructive excavation.

The use of vacuum trucks gets the job done faster. Unlike the traditional methods, where the work requires days to complete, using a dirt vacuum truck is time-efficient and cost-effective.

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