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Earthworks Perth – What Is Earthwork In Construction Projects?

Earthworks are engineering process that involves cutting, carrying and transferring soil from one point to another in large construction projects. The plan is to create holes or for levelling the ground to prepare the land for construction. 

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Land modification is the first stage of any construction job. Excavation is important and is a critical stage for the project’s completion. The following aspects are to be considered when performing earthworks:

Before earthworks begin, it is essential to conduct a geotechnical study concerning soil sampling. These soil samples analysis will determine the overall physical properties of the ground. The study is critical to any construction projects as the presence of geological faults, displacement envelopes, stream beds and any material deposits may affect the solidity of the foundation.

After the surveys and tests, a report will be issued saying the recommendations and processes required to assure the safety of the construction project. Some of the common recommendations may include the following:

  • Excavation level
  • Clay deposit extraction
  • Position of subdrains
  • The recommended type of foundations
  • Level of compacted soil and optimum moisture
  • Specified slope

The process of earthworks Perth utilises machinery such as tractors, scrapers, compactors and trench rollers. The use of machinery is critical in shaping the landscape.

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