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Earthworks Company Perth – Different Types Of Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing obstacles on land. The removal of unwanted things to prepare the land for new construction include things like bushes, uneven dirt, trees, rocks, and other debris. The task can be done by using different equipment such as chainsaws, backhoes, big bulldozers, excavators, and other heavy machinery. However, some small land clearing jobs can be done by manual labour. 

Earthworks Company Perth – Different Types Of Land Clearing

In case homeowners cannot manage to do the task themselves, they can hire a professional earthworks company Perth to do the job. The things to be removed will depend on the type of clearing selected. Selective land clearing removes unwanted materials of construction to make it possible to walk around the property, fire safety, or restore disproportionate views. The job will only remove all of the debris and underbrush but desirable and planted trees. On the other hand, land clearing for farmland or pasture use will require the removal of everything unwanted on the land. For a residential or commercial building project, everything would be removed as site preparation for building construction.

Different types of land clearing

Controlled burn. This method uses fire to clear the land. It requires expertise it is one of the most dangerous land clearing methods. The technique involves starting and maintaining a regulated fire. When all the brush and trees are burned down, the fire is extinguished. Then construction equipment like a bulldozer is used to clear the land.

Pushover. This type of land clearing includes utilising construction equipment to push the trees over with the roots intact. The removed trees will be transferred to a location and processed for mulching material or sale.

Cut and grind. All trees on the land are cut down and transferred to a processing location. The tree removal will leave stumps in the ground where they can later be removed or grounded into mulching material.

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