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Earthmoving Services – How Are Trees a Danger For Pipelines?

One of the common dangers for pipelines is tree root intrusion. You do not see the problem above, the problem lies below. Tree roots in sewer lines can be a big danger to your yard and home.


Tree roots grow areas of moisture and high nutrients, which can also be found in sewer pipelines. The roots will naturally grow earthward toward a buried sewer line. Root growth may be slow, but the root intrusion on a pipeline can cause it to break apart.

The first stage of tree root intrusion is through one of the joints on the pipe. At this stage, signs of the progressing problem it is too early to notice.

The second stage is when roots start to grow thicker and reaching out to the source of proteins and other nutrients inside the sewer line. The tree roots in the sewer line will eventually start to hinder the flow and catch larger pieces of waste and clog. At this point, problems will begin to show in the house. It may cause slow draining or strange odours coming from the drains.

If the problem goes far enough, it comes to the critical danger of the third stage. It is where the roots build pressure and start a sewer line rupture.

Solutions to tree root problems

You can avoid tree-related issues from causing trouble with the sewer lines. There are preventative steps you can take to avoid this problem. When landscaping property, planting trees far away from the sewer lines is a safe way to go. If it is beyond your control, there are plumbers and earthmoving services you can call for to solve tree root infiltration.

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