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Earth Works – Site Preparation For Building Construction

Before any building project can begin, bulk earthworks will be needed for site preparation. This process is quite extensive and in preparation for the building construction. It can involve clearing new subdivisions, preparing building sites and industrial massive earth works.


This is a vital step in the preparation of the worksite for new building construction. So, what exactly does this entail?

Site Clearing. The construction begins with site clearing. It is the first step in any construction project, may it be civil and residential projects. Typically, site cleaning work involves the removal of any trees and vegetation and removal of any old, unwanted structures. Once the removal of unwanted objects has been completed, any debris will be cleared from the site for the excavation to begin.

Site Excavation. The excavators will operate any heavy equipment to assist with the site clearing process. Their work involves levelling the ground or excavating it. Depending on the plan to build the foundation, excavators may need to dig deep into the ground. For instance, an apartment block with an underground car park needs significant works that would involve digging a hole to the required depth. The excavation contractor will make sure the hole is structurally fortified with retainer walls and foundation footings. 

Industrial Earthworks. After the site clearing and excavation work, next is a pre-construction massive earthworks stage. This stage includes moving, cutting or filling massive quantities of soil or rock from an area to another. The work can be done by excavating the site, or by creating a new area by filling certain areas with earth-based materials. Bulk earthworks reuse as much of the excavated earth materials, to prevent the costly large pile of waste materials. Bulk earth works are often completed to pave way for new constructions.

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