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Earth Moving North West – What Involves Earthwork Operation

Site preparation is the very first task in building projects. Before all the building begins, the land needs to be ready for construction. The process of earthworks is done in the following.

Earth Moving North West – What Involves Earthwork Operation

Soil stripping – This stage of earthworks refers to the extraction of top vegetative soil from the construction area. This type of soil is unstable for building foundation. This soil is not suitable for construction plans.

Excavating for foundation – This process reaches more solid ground. The work can be in form of mass, trench or pad.

Level ground – This process of levelling uneven ground is done by cutting and filling or either.

Forming and shaping of land: This stage works on creating various forms and shapes of the land. The work uses the soil alone or in combination with other structures like a revetment structure.

Tasks for earth moving North West can either be done by hand or by machine. Earthwork done by hand is usually managed by a skilled labourer like a land surveyor and construction engineer or foreman with a group of casual unskilled labour. Various testings are performed to ensure the quality of the finished formation for solid foundations. Earthmoving tools for manual works include; picks, spades, shovels and barrows.

For earthworks done by machine, it ranges from compressors, construction hoes, bulldozers and the like. Commonly, tipper trucks are used to move materials. For hard rock ground, blasting is usually done. The bulk of human tasks in mechanical earthworks is mostly in machine operation. It also includes inspection, especially when the project involves different locations.

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