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Earth Moving – Earthwork Excavations Explained

Earthwork excavation is a site clearing preparation done before building or extending a residential or commercial structure. It is also needed for other building projects including landscaping, swimming pools, driveways, roads, railroads and underground pipe installation.

Earth Moving – Earthwork Excavations Explained

The extent of the excavation job depends on the size of the project – from smaller jobs such as trenches in a backyard to wide-ranging civil and commercial projects like roadways and mines. Here we talk about who performs the excavation tasks and how they do it.

Earthwork Excavations

In any construction, whether it be residential or commercial, the site must be levelled and cleared. Earthwork excavations involve the use of proper machinery to make site cuts into the ground of the construction site. This is a needed work to ready the foundation of the structure to be poured or fixed.

Earthwork mechanical equipment makes excavation easy and faster than manual labour. Excavators are available in different sizes and types. It depends on the ground and site condition to be cleared. For example, bobcats are perfect for backyards with limited access, while zero swing excavators are commonly utilised in tight spaces. The 8-tonne excavators are perfect for big projects where a large portion of materials must be moved. 

The excavators are operated by adequate and licensed professionals who have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. Earth moving is a crucial part of the project as it prepares the ground to be suitable for the foundations. All ground elements that have been dug out during the excavation will then be either reused in other areas on-site or moved off-site for disposal.

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