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Earth Moving Contractors Perth – Determining Preliminary Type Of Foundation

One of the important process to be done before building construction begins is the structural foundation. These structures provide support to the primary structure, so it needs to be prepared to hold the transfer loads from the building to the ground.

Earth Moving Contractors Perth – Determining Preliminary Type Of Foundation

There are different types of building foundations; raft foundation, footing foundation, and piling foundation. The initial process in construction is site preparation. Before the building starts, the builder will perform an inspection of the soil condition. After soil investigation (SI), the study report will be used for determining the type of foundation.

The RC drawings prepared by the engineer is used for quantities purpose. Then, the consulting engineer will do a preparatory selection of the foundation. Normally, the selection can be determined on the earthworks drawings. The consulting engineer looks to the cut and fill area in the earthworks designs. The cut area will be the pad foundation and the fill area will be used as pile foundation.

Another way to determine the type of foundation suitable for the existing soil condition is by on-site excavation. This is where the engineer visits the site to see the ground condition. The engineer observes the excavation for soil analysis. If the ground seems soft, pile foundation may be recommended to use pile foundation, otherwise, pad foundation may be recommended.

The first stages of the construction is critical to the building process. Earthworks needs to be done to secure strong building foundation. That said, you will need reliable earth moving contractors Perth for the job.

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