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Earth Moving Contractor – Causes And Effects Of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is when the top layer of soil is loosened or washed away. While this is a natural process that can happen anywhere, the effects of soil erosion go beyond the loss of abundant land. Erosion can strip the topsoil from your property and compact the remaining earth, resulting in the land not absorbing as much water, increasing the risk of floods and more severe erosion.

Earth Moving Contractor – Causes And Effects Of Soil Erosion
Earth Moving Contractor

What are the causes of erosion?

Two factors commonly cause soil erosion, and they are water and wind.

Water erosion can greatly affect the soil. During heavy rains or rainstorms, water removes a lot of soil as it dumps a large amount of water to the ground, more likely to cause severe erosion. Lighter but longer durations of a rainstorm will contribute to gradual erosion.

Wind erosion happens when winds blowing at considerable speed remove the fertile, arable, redistribute soils leaving behind a depression devoid of topsoil. It can be challenging in windy areas with very fine soils like sand.

What are the consequential effects of soil erosion?

Rain and rainwater runoff sweeps loose soil into streams and rivers, which may cause clogging in the waterways. It can also harm aquatic life and lead to water pollution. Since waterways are interconnected, eroded soil can travel from your small local stream to the nearby river and eventually bays and oceans.

Soil erosion may lead to damaged property and surrounding infrastructure as well. In croplands or other agricultural areas, soil erosion reduces the overall structure of the soil. It reduces organic matter levels, making it more susceptible to flooding. If the condition progresses, it will result in rapid and severe erosion, leading to shifting land and landslides.

You will need a solution for soil stabilisation to prevent the consequential effects of soil erosion. You can find a specialist earth moving contractor if you need help with your earthworks strategy.

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