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Earthworks Western Australia – Different Earth-Moving Equipment For Different Jobs

Recently we talked about the design and functions of some earth-moving equipment commonly used on job sites. We continue on other earth movers important in different construction jobs.


A bulldozer is equipped with a large blade on the front. It is much like a tank and can easily drive across muddy or rough landscapes. It may not be very versatile, but the bulldozer can effectively push large materials, such as rocks or brush. They can also tow other heavy equipment.

Wheeled Skid Steer Loader

This small multi-function equipment may look squat, but it is a mighty earth-moving equipment perfect for performing tasks in limited-access points. Its movement is based on wheels instead of a track. It is incredibly mobile and very versatile in all kinds of jobs.

Posi Track

For work that must be done on wet or muddy earth, the posi track is the perfect option. It does not have the 360-degree rotation of an excavator, but most posi tracks boast a 200-degree rotation radius. It digs linearly, pulling earth and debris back towards the vehicle.

Dump Truck

Dumping trucks work efficiently for transporting large loads of dirt or debris. Dump trucks are designed with a large open bed to collect earth extracted by another vehicle. The bed on this truck can tilt, allowing you a dumping capability essential for many construction projects.

There are several pieces of heavy-duty equipment for earthworks Western Australia to accomplish different jobs. Considering the options for earth-moving equipment can help you make a sound decision as you prepare your project plan and budget.

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