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Construction Accidents In Trenching And Excavation Work And How Contractors Avoid Them

Jobs in the construction industry are dangerous and surveys show one of the highest rates of fatalities and injuries for workers. Heavy machinery in the construction worksite often increases the potential risk of worker injury.

Work in excavations and trenches is included in the hazardous construction site. Excavation and trenching work are required for the installation or replacing pipes and sewer systems deep under the ground. Trenching is also required when repairing underground work and preparing soils for building structures. Trenching and excavation work is necessary, the job is dangerous for many workers on the construction sites.

Increasing the potential dangers to workers are heavy machinery, deep vertical trenches, and the risk of cave-ins. The most common accident in excavation work include cave-ins and falling into the trenched areas. The added pressure of heavy machinery on the top soil also raises the level of danger.

Other potential hazards include asphyxiation which can cause injury and death to workers. Poisonous gases exuding underground due to damaged pipes may cause unnecessary dangers for workers and people in the area. This is why proper safety equipment is essential to workers and proper planning is important to prevent trenching accidents.

Excavation and trenching accidents happen when there is a lack of safety regulations and systems on the work site. Workers must be fully aware of the detail excavation and worksite’s condition, including the loose soils likely to cause cave-ins. Apply techniques that will prevent cave-ins from different types of soils. A daily inspection of the worksite and the protection systems in the area also help prevent accidents.

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