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Common Types Of Earthmoving Equipment Used By Every Earth Works Company

Heavy equipment is essential for every earth works company. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep the machines efficient and safe while on the job site. Poorly maintained equipment can not only be dangerous, but it can also add to repair costs and equipment failures later on.

Earthmoving equipment commonly refers to any piece of heavy machinery used for moving and grading soil and rock. In addition to construction, these machines can do other tasks such as materials handling, demolition, mining, and any other industry requiring more power.

There are many different types of earthmoving equipment designed for specific purposes. The most common types of earthmoving equipment are:


These earthmoving machines are one of the most efficient digging machines ever created. Mostly, they are driven by tracks but can have wheels fitted to them if necessary. Attachments like the long arm and large bucket are ideal for almost any situation. The operator in the rotating cab can swing a full 360 degrees, allowing him good job site visibility. Depending on the task, the bucket is interchangeable with various other tools to fit the needs of the job.

Backhoe loader

Backhoe or backhoe loaders are more versatile than excavators but are considered medium-sized equipment. They are smaller and have an adjustable shovel in the front and a bucket in the back for more precise digging. They are wheel-driven, can maneuver more precisely, and are often seen used in urban projects.


Bulldozers can provide powerful support in any construction project. They are one of the most powerful machines used for moving and grading dirt across large tracts of land. Attached in front is a large blade that can make minor adjustments to its height and angle depending on the task at hand. They are huge and heavy, and their size and weight can crush boulders if needed.

Dump trucks

You often see dump trucks on a construction site. They move large amounts of dirt from one location to another. They can travel on roadways where permitted and come in various sizes and load capacities to meet the needs of the job.

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