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Bulldozer – How This Functional Earthmover Improved Over Time

You can see bulldozers in demolition sites and even used in agricultural farming. A bulldozer is a massive machine that deserves attention for its practical functions. The dozer is an effective earthmoving machine common in construction sites and clearing projects.

Approximately seventy tons, its weight does not hinder it from slumping on muddy or sandy landscapes because of its vast structure. This functional earthmoving machine is usually used with other earthmoving vehicles. It can drag and push obstructions for waste management, farming and construction.

Interestingly, the first actual bulldozer type was a custom-made farm tractor designed to plough the fields, particularly to excavate canals, do earthmoving toil and raise the earth dams. Initially, these machines were made to adapt to small working areas like mining caves and tunnels and areas with limited mobility. Because of that, very small bulldozers were mainly designed for such a purpose.

Since then, this amazing earthmoving machine has developed into a more functional earthmover. Many popular companies started to manufacture these earthmoving machines to complete larger jobs. These companies designed and modified this machine into a powerful tractor, getting its nickname “bulldozer”. From its intriguing and noticeable modifications, its updates over the years have transformed this particular earthmover to be more effective in its tasks. Heavy tasks become easier for a bigger, more powerful, and modernized bulldozer.

Although through time, the tested and best bulldozer manufacturer known is CAT, as it obtained endorsement for its high quality in making tough, durable, yet reliable earthmoving machines.

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