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Bulk Earthworks – What Is Bulk Excavation?

Many large-scale construction projects will require a bulk excavation before any building work can begin. But what is bulk excavation? 

Bulk Earthworks

Bulk excavation include removing, moving or adding large quantities of soil or rock from one area to another. The task creates an area of a suitable height and level for a specific construction purpose. It is mainly done by cutting into or excavating an area of the ground or by constructing a new site, such as a barrier, by adding earth-based materials to a particular location.

The purpose of bulk earthworks is to reuse as much as possible of the excavated materials to control the costly accumulation of waste material and the delivery of extra earth materials. A specialised computer software calculates the amount of material to be removed and what will be needed to complete the job. Surveyors and engineers aim to match the soil volumes being used for both procedures.

Bulk excavation is regularly used in the construction of major infrastructure projects. This can include building roads, highways, railways, causeways, levees, dams, canals, mines, trenches, and residential and commercial buildings.

How is bulk excavation carried out? One way is by excavating an area of land so soil and rock are removed. The other is by constructing an area of land at a new height or shape by adding soil or rock to it.

The use of heavy construction equipment is essential because of the large quantities of material that need to be shifted. Common equipment used for bulk excavation includes graders, rollers, dump trucks, bulldozers, dragline excavators, hydraulic excavators, diggers, backhoes, loaders and shovels.

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