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Block Clearing Perth – Different Methods Of Land Clearing

Underdeveloped land needs clearing when the time comes to use the property. The job becomes a laborious process that may require earthmoving services to do the removal quickly and efficiently. 

There are different ways to clear land – the most popular land clearing methods include:

Grubbing and dozing. This method of land clearing can cover a lot of land at a fast pace. However, the quick work leaves behind large holes, forming a rough, messy finish. Occasionally, it may be an acceptable finished product, but if you intend to use the land for pasturing animals or haying, you will likely need to come back and bring dirt in to fill the holes left behind.

Consequently, the speed you cleared is quickly negated, with the second pass needed to accomplish the finish. In the end, you will have a massive pile of material that must either be hauled away or burned, which can be time-consuming and costly.

Hand clearing. While this method may be the least invasive way of clearing your land, it is certainly the most time-consuming. The use of handheld options is very selective and planned. It is a good choice if you intend to thin a small area to come in and build a house or other structure and want to create a safe buffer for fire dangers.

Controlled burning. This method is an effective way of clearing land and requires experts in block clearing Perth. It can clear your land quickly, but it is one of the most dangerous land clearing methods. The technique involves starting and maintaining a regulated fire. The fire is extinguished when all the brush and trees are burned down. Then construction equipment like a bulldozer is used to clear the land.

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